Owls of North America

Owls of North AmericaOwls of North America delves into the lives of these enigmatic and fascinating birds of prey, shedding light on their anatomy, adaptations, life history and ecology. The engaging text is enhanced by line drawings and numerous colour photos. Individual profiles of the 23 owl species found in Canada, the U.S. and northern Mexico include detailed information about appearance, voice, feeding, breeding, distribution, habitat and conservation, as well as range maps. Like Woodpeckers of North America, this is a solid reference for birders, naturalists and general readers. Published by Firefly Books, 2008.

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Chicago Tribune-City: “Wildlife author Frances Backhouse’s well-researched and informative book helps us get closer to these haunting and often misunderstood birds.”

Birdfreak.com: “…a stunning, photo-loaded book … appealing for anyone that loves owls. The text, while not simple, is definitely readable for younger audiences (pre-teen and up). It was hard to keep our 10-year-old niece (Sammie) from running off with the book.”

January Magazine: “Readers with an interest in owls will simply not find a better book than respected science and environment writer Frances Backhouse’s Owls of North America. … The book is large and handsome, suitable for coffee table adornment, but don’t let it spend too much time there.