Owls: Who Gives a Hoot?

Owls: Who Gives a Hoot? book cover

Owls are amazing. They can see in the dimmest light, hear the faintest sounds and rotate their heads to look backward. Most owls are nocturnal, more often heard than seen. Even those that are active during the day stay largely out of sight.

Owls: Who Gives a Hoot? reveals the secrets of these mysterious birds and the important role they play in our lives. Readers will also learn about the 19 species that live in North America––from the tiny elf owl to the hefty great horned owl––each one featured in a detailed Who’s Whoo profile. And they’ll meet  scientists, activists and young people who are working to keep these iconic birds turning heads for years to come.

This book was written especially for 9- to 12-year-olds, but has something for owl-lovers of every age, from colourful photos to information about how to take action and become an owl ally.

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REVIEWS and recognition:

Canadian Review of Materials: “So much is packed into this kid-friendly book in a fresh conversational writing style. … Written with expertise and up-to-date science, Owls: Who Gives a Hoot? will attract the young audience already familiar with the “Orca Wild” series as well as older readers who simply love owls. — Highly Recommended.”

Booklist: “The impressively comprehensive text is chatty and entertaining, while marginalia offer colorful asides that spotlight specific species and fun facts [and] spectacular photos make each spread a visual treat. … This illuminating avian introduction is sure to make an owl ally out of anyone.”