Beaver talk with Dan Rodricks of The Baltimore Sun

Dan Rodricks of The Baltimore Sun produces a podcast called Roughly Speaking. In episode 352, he ponders the question “Can the Mighty Beaver Save the Bay?” — meaning, of course, the Chesapeake Bay. To find answers, he visits a beaver dam at Bee Tree Run, and interviews Mike Callahan, the founder of the Beaver Institute, Scott McGill, the founder and CEO of Ecotone, and me.

You can listen to the 42-minute episode via The Baltimore Sun or on the Ecotone website. Hear what Rodricks discovered about the history of beavers in the Chesapeake region and how beaver dams create critical habitat for a multitude of species, while filtering sediment and damaging nutrients from waters that flow to the Chesapeake Bay. We can’t expect beavers to undo all the damage that has been done, but if we let them go about their business, they can be allies in saving the Bay.