Putting Beavers to Work Symposium – Oct. 23-24, 2019

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in a symposium on Putting Beavers to Work for Watershed Resiliency and Restoration in Calgary. This two-day event was organized by the Miistakis Institute and the Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, more commonly known as Cows and Fish. It brought together more than 60 people with a range of beaver interests, including landowners, land managers, academics, policy makers and independent Castorophiles from across western Canada and the U.S.

Day 1 was filled with fascinating presentations and panel discussions. Most of the presentations, including mine, have now been uploaded to the Miistakis Institute’s website and can be accessed here (under the box titled “Symposiums, Webinars, and Workshops” click on “Videos, Factsheets, and More!”). On Day 2, we all boarded a bus for a field trip to look at coexistence tools installed in Calgary and surrounding area. And outside of the formal presentations, there were many exchanges of ideas and insights. Stay tuned for the next Putting Beavers to Work symposium, a year or two from now.

Norine Ambrose, Executive Director of symposium co-sponsor Cows and Fish.

Inspecting a pond leveler in Calgary’s Griffith Woods Park.

Pierre Bolduc explains how he brought beavers back to his property near Bragg Creek.